(Some of) What I Learned at Climate-KIC

Aim for the stars. It’s more meaningful — and more fun.

1. It’s better to have 3 things going well than 30 things going nowhere.

Credit: CIVIC SQUARE — construction of a neighbourhood grow room

Finance at the Climate Crossroads

Does the connective tissue between micro and macro hold the key to systems change?

Connective tissue — boring, but vital.

Es ist Zeit, den öffentlichen Raum neu zu denken.

London möchte die erste National Park City der Welt werden. Wieso hat Zürich eigentlich keine ähnlich ambitionierte Vision? (Animation von WATG)

Why we need to move beyond projects and platforms and add a new model for organising work to our systems change toolbox

If your innovation appeals to the mainstream, you’re not pushing hard enough

Running a stand in a covered market is a real-time experiment in achieving product/market fit, with instantaneous customer feedback on quality, price, and service.

What does it mean to stand in the messy middle?

Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

Dominic Hofstetter

I write to inform, inspire, and trigger new strategies for tackling climate change.

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